A Message from the Founder's Representative: Transforming Lives through Education and Empowerment

When a woman unlocks her full potential, she gains the power to create positive change, nurture her community, and transform society around her. She becomes the driving force propelling her community forward. In doing so, she emanates nari shakti - a beacon of inspiration not just for her own generation, but for generations to come. Her strength has the ability to alter the destinies of countless other women. It was this powerful vision that led Shrimati Mona Chandravati Gupta to establish Nari Sewa Samiti in 1936.

Over the past eight decades, Nari Sewa Samiti's various initiatives have impacted the lives of thousands of women. Through education, life skills training, and vocational programs, the organization facilitates job placements, legal aid, and personal counselling for its trainees. The core mission remains, ensuring every woman gets the opportunity to reach her full potential and achieve financial and emotional independence.

This has been made possible by the generosity and commitment of supporters like you - organizations and individuals who believe that empowering women leads to the empowerment of entire nations. We urge you to continue supporting our endeavours through corporate partnerships, volunteer mentorships, resource donations, and spreading awareness.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Corporate sponsorships have played a vital role in enabling Nari Sewa Samiti to reach those most in need through its various programs. The generosity of large corporations and philanthropic individuals has been instrumental in driving the organization's impact.

    Nari Sewa Samiti's partnerships with various organizations have proven immensely successful over the years. A prime example is Project Unnati, powered and funded by Bajaj Auto Limited. This skill development initiative has been running successfully at the Samiti's vocational training center, Nari Kala Mandir, since 2015. On average, the organization trains, upskills, and facilitates employment for 700-1000 women annually.

    Last year, the External Affairs Spouses Association (EASA) provided sponsorship for children enrolled in the primary section at NSS's Bal Shiksha Niketan school, spanning classes 1 to 5. Companies like Lloyd Insulation and Select Ventures have also contributed towards the noble cause of women's upliftment through the Samiti's efforts.

    Nari Sewa Samiti looks forward to engaging with more corporate partners, enabling their organizations to become meaningful contributors to driving positive social reform in society. Such collaborations can create far-reaching impact for generations to come.

  • Volunteer Mentorships

    We welcome skilled professionals to volunteer their time and expertise by mentoring our trainees. Mentors can provide guidance, share real-world experiences, and help build confidence in our students across areas like entrepreneurship, job readiness, personal growth, and more. Committing even a few hours per month can make a profound difference.

  • Resource Donations

    In addition to financial contributions, we gratefully accept donations of resources that support our programs. This includes educational materials, stationery, computers/laptops, vocational training equipment, clothing, household essentials, and more. These resources directly enable and enrich the learning experiences for our beneficiaries.

  • Spreading the Word

    Your voices are powerful allies in our mission. Raising awareness about Nari Sewa Samiti and women's empowerment can inspire more individuals and organizations to join our cause. Share our story through your networks - online and offline. Advocate for gender equality and breaking socioeconomic barriers. Each person you reach brings us closer to creating lasting change.

With your invaluable support, we can transform the lives and destinies of families across generations.

With gratitude,

Piya Krishna
The Founder's Representative, Nari Sewa Samiti