Mona Convent School

Mona Convent School: A Vibrant Hub of Learning and Growth (2022-23)

Our academic session, starting in April 2022, saw a significant rise in student enrolment, growing from 323 to 457 students by the end of the year.

Class Total No. of Students
Play Group 08
Nursery 55
LKG 56
UKG 56
Class-I 49
Class-II 45
Class-III 42
Class-IV 37
Class-V 30
Class-VI 28
Class-VII 32
Class-VIII 19
Grand Total 457

Academic Achievements

Our students passed with flying colours. We achieved 100% result, 72% students passed with first division.

Key Extracurricular Activities and Events


  • Quiz competitions held by Byju's and Lucknow Paper Merchants Association.
  • Festive celebrations for Janmashtami, Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali, and other important events.
  • Independence Day and Teacher's Day celebrated with respect and enthusiasm.
  • Children's Day T-shirt painting competition organized by Simran Sewa Sansthan.
  • Founders' week celebrated with vibrant decorations and Cub-Bulbul/Scout-Guide ceremony.
  • Christmas Mela and Diwali Mela organized for festive cheer.

Health and Hygiene:

  • Vaccination drives for COVID-19, Diphtheria, and deworming tablets.
  • Eye checkup camp organized by Alliance Club International.
  • "Swachta" campaign to promote clean environment and personal hygiene.

Workshops and Activities:

  • Computer workshop for teachers conducted by Mrs. Rupal Garg.
  • "Sanskar Pathshala" workshop organized by Geeta Pariwar to enhance moral values.
  • Emphasis on sports to promote physical fitness, team spirit, and sportsmanship.

Overall, Mona Convent School prioritizes a well-rounded educational experience, integrating academic learning with enriching extracurricular activities and events that promote physical and mental well-being, cultural awareness, and social responsibility.


Mona Convent School is poised for significant growth, transitioning from a middle school (Class 8) to a secondary school (Class 10). This exciting development is made possible thanks to the valued partnership with Bajaj Auto Ltd, our CSR partner. Their support will enable the school to build and equip science labs and smart classrooms, fulfilling the necessary infrastructure requirements for official board affiliation, either with the U.P Board or CBSE.

This expansion represents a milestone in Mona Convent School's trajectory, offering students access to a broader range of academic opportunities and preparing them for higher education.

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