Family Counseling Centre

Family Counselling Centre: Resolving family disputes, empowering women.

Family Counselling Centre, operated by Nari Sewa Samiti, extends its reach through three locations generously funded by the Central Social Welfare Board:

  • Mahila Sahayata Prakoshta, CBCID Office, Lucknow
  • Nari Bandi Niketan, Adarsh Karagar Mohanlalganj, Lucknow
  • Nari Sewa Samiti Premises, Lucknow.

These dedicated centres specialize in addressing family disputes, offering counselling, legal assistance, police protection, and psychological support for issues related to domestic exploitation, marital adjustments, abuse, domestic violence, dowry conflicts, widows' concerns, property disputes, and more. The centres also provide referral services such as short stay homes, free legal aid, and psychiatric treatment when needed.

Confidentiality is a top priority, with all registered cases handled discreetly and resolved at no cost. Operating with a three-dimensional approach — preventative, curative, and referral — the centres are steadfast in their mission to fortify family life and protect the interests of women. Each year, the centres collectively manage approximately 1000 cases, underscoring their commitment to cultivating healthier family dynamics and delivering essential support services.