Mona Chandravati Bal Shiksha Niketan School

Hindi Medium Co-educational Junior School

Established back in 1943, Mona Chandravati Bal Shiksha Niketan School has a rich history marked by the vision and generosity of its founding members. Notably, Dr. B.N. Vyas, a key figure among the founders, played a pivotal role by generously contributing Rs. 6000 to establish a kindergarten school.

Today, this humble beginning reflects the school's enduring commitment to providing quality education, especially to underprivileged students. Currently, offering education up to Class 5 in a co-educational setting and affiliated with The Basic Education Authority of U.P., the school continues to embody the spirit of empowerment and educational inclusivity.

With a curriculum prescribed by Basic Education, U.P., in Hindi medium, Mona Chandravati Bal Shiksha Niketan School remains dedicated to nurturing young minds and creating a positive impact in the realm of education. The current enrolment of 175 students is a testament to the school's ongoing mission to provide a nurturing environment for holistic development.